Our Mission

The Sustainable Food Lancashire Charter – Link to full pdf

The Larder – Our Key 3 Interlinking Themes

Food Fairness For All

The Larder’s 3 key interlinking themes give us flexibility and focus. We want people to have a positive food experience, create a demand for better food, whilst making it affordable and available to all. We listened and responded, and we will continue to listen and modify the work we do to address the most pressing food challenges. As an organisation the Larder has grown organically over time, we are changing and evolving to reflect the every changing food landscape. Our flexible infrastructure has helped us respond to crisis in an effective and efficient way. We responded quickly to COVID-19 and the affect on our local communities with access to good food and supporting our most vulnerable – read more here – The LARDER COVID-19 Story

We will continue to respond to the needs of our communities going forward.

Following on from the Larder’s immediate community Covid response, includes a cookery programme for 120 families over the summer holiday, and the continued provision of nutritious meals for those in need until the end of the year. A long-term recovery strategy aims to create community food independence and empowerment, including expansion of online resources and working with local government and Syrian Resettlement programme to support people who are even more vulnerable since the crisis hit, so that they will be food secure for the future.