Our FREE Food Champions 8 week programme trains people to deliver cookery sessions & healthy eating workshops to promote healthy and sustainable food to the public, build community food knowledge, skills and resources. ¬†The courses cover basic nutrition and cooking skills, supporting participants to encourage others to cook and eat better. All you need is an interest in cooking and health and a desire to share your enthusiasm with other people. We are proud to have trained more than 20 Food Champions so far.The Larder’s Leyland Food Champions programme asks, ‘what stops you eating more healthily at home?’ Answers are things like ‘money’, ‘family pressure’, and ‘too busy’.

Cookery classes

The Larder runs practical cookery classes through Community Gateway Housing Association in Sion Park, Preston.

Trainer Chryssa says, ‘We have got to get back to a time when food was simpler and less expensive.’
Practically this means cooking fresh rather than ready-meals, and eating less meat.

Do you want to start a cookery class in your school or street? Contact Chryssa

Kids in The Kitchen

At this time, our Kids In The Kitchen courses have moved from being face-to-face to being delivered online. Over the Summer we provided almost 100 families with recipes, ingredients kits and online videos to cook together. Please click on the link for more information KIDS IN THE KITCHEN